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Continues its production in a 4000 square meters closed area since 2011 effectiveliy due to our experience in stainless steel kitchen product market. We made continuous investments to become one of the leading manufacturer in our region and then in our country with high quality production, cutting edge technology, modern machinery and qualified staffs. We produce single or set of pots and pans, teapots and coffee pot sets with increasing their quality and our product portfolio gradually.
Our company, which has been serving in the bakelite sector since 1992, has signed numerous products. By closely following the renewed technology, it aims to combine our experience with the most up-to-date facilities and to produce high quality, durable and prestigious products. The products it produces are used all over the world and are the most concrete evidence that the company vision is progressing on a global scale and continues to develop in this line. We can reach us for your needs and sincerely express that we are ready to produce solutions together.
Avsar Enamel A.S. produces enamel kitchenwares in metal department by covering the steel, shaped in different forms, with frit, an inorganic component. The kitchenwares produced in such ways are the m
We are a firm of seller of hotel textiles and materials. Since 1995, we are serving both domestic and abroad hotels. Our dealerships are in the area of glassware Pasabahce, in chinaware Gural, Kutahya, Porland , in silverware Jumbo and Hisar , in service trays Cambrom, in kitchen supplies Oztiryakiler, in laundry supplies our own production, in housekeeping supplies our own production.
Gorgel Metal Ltd. Sti. Comes from a very strong family company. This company that presents the service to the todays and the futures kitchens was started in coppering nearly a century ago. With the legacy that was left from 2 golden generations, years of savings, the experiences and with the wide range of products that it has produced over the years , it has become the company that is wanted in the kitchen metal utensil sector that it is today.
RELIABLE, INNOVATIVE and PASSIONATE since 1975.. Goldmaster has been following the developments and technologies of the world and carrying this vision and technologies to the small domestic home appliances sector for 40 years.. While closely monitoring the technology trends, we provide services in global production standards and offer the most useful,value added, modern products..